Thursday, 29 September 2016


These past few weeks
have been work, work, work
- both the writing & the photography kind,
a combination that seems to sit ever so well with me,
and right now I wouldn't have it any other way. 
But today I managed to wrap up 
all the editing for a bigger client,
and r e s t is sinking in
before the next batch is due. 
 I immediately had the urge to pop over here
& say hello...

So, hello my dear friend,
sorry it's been a while. 

You know that photography bit
- aka love & passion -
well I've gone through all sorts of motions,
as it's recently also turned into a "job",
where not every assignment at the moment
is something that allows me
to shoot like "me". 
And that's given me plenty of material
for soul-searching
& out-of-one's-depth kinda feelings.

But I came to the conclusion
that right now,
I am ever so grateful for every opportunity,
and every single thing I've put my hand to
has made me learn
and led on to something new.
That's something that motivates me,
together with a deep-rooted insistence
to make sure that in between the "not-so-me"
there is also room for "my love" -
whether that's about randomly picking up the camera
 to catch the light or an inconspicuous cup of coffee,
or shoots that make your heart skip a beat
& imagination soar at least as high as that chalky ceiling
of this wonder of a location a couple of weeks ago. 
(I really want to show you more later,
I shall!) 

I do love how after a bout of disillusionment,
suddenly all that love and excitement
comes rushing right back,
and pulsates steadily through the veins.
Amid all the "serious work"
it lures towards the seemingly senseless & idiosyncratic.
A deep desire
to keep clicking that shutter
until that weird & wonderful language begins to flow
towards a voice of one's very own. 
More of the heart,
the unfinished, 
the imperfect,
the raw... 
Whatever it is 
that stirs the soul.

And with that little ramble
I bid you goodnight :) 


Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Yesterday's treats included
a coffee break with a dear friend & her baby
 in the morning,
and a dive into rose bushes 
along my evening walk.
These September evenings 
have been simply divine!

To end the day,
I found myself glued 
to the first episode of Chef Table France
currently airing on Netflix,
with its spotlight on
I promise you'll be inspired
even if you're not that into cooking,
so do tune in, if you have the possibility!

(I made this apple pie at the weekend,
and it was quite a coincidence 
to discover it was actually Passard
who invented the lovely idea 
of "tarte du roses".)

Eilisen herkkuina aamupäiväkahvit ystävän ja pikkuisensa kanssa,
ja pujahdus ruusupuskiin iltakävelyn varrella.
Nämä syyskuun illat
niin lempeitä!

Myöhemmin tuijottelin Netflixistä
uutuussarjan Chef Table Francen
pariisilaisesta huippukokista
Väitän, että siitä inspiroituu kuka tahansa,
vaikkei kokkaus edes kiinnoistaisi -
katsokaa ihmeessä, jos vaan mahdollisuus! 

(Viikonloppuna pyöräytin muuten
ja oli hauska yhteensattuma 
huomata illalla,
että "tarte du roses"
onkin juuri Passardin ihana keksintö.)


Saturday, 10 September 2016


The mind turns to fig clouds
& indigo lakes
shrouded by thick woods.

An autumn palette
begins to paint the skies
& the mind's eye. 

(A palette that instantly transports me
 timeless, aeshetic world.

And the succulent textures
to the voice of Lianne La Havas
whose music has been streaming 
through these rooms
all morning,
like taking a dip
in a bowl of sumptuous plum jam.)

Wishing you a sweet weekend! 


Thursday, 8 September 2016


Last weekend,
to mark our anniversary,
we returned to the same countryside hotel
in Eastern Finland
where we got married many summers ago. 
We've been back every so often
for a cup of coffee on the veranda,
when the place was a little deserted
& stuck in an eighties time warp.
Not so any more.
The hotel recently changed owners and names,
and it was opened in all the glory it deserves 
earlier this summer. 

Despite only spending one night there,
it seemed we arrived in summer
and left in autumn.
And somehow all the images I chose for this post
come with the more autumnal, grey vibes.
There's something about an out-of-season feel
that endears me so very much.

Here, you are surrounded by majestic pine trees,
& lakeviews on every side. 
Every cell in the body
seems to slow right down
breathe in air that is a little lighter, a little fresher.

I could go on and sing songs
about the food
(& how it makes you glow with warmth inside
when you spot a pair in the forest picking mushrooms
and gathering herbs from the kitchen gardens
that you will find in your dinner an hour or so later), 
the reading room,
even down to the lovely smell 
inside the freshly painted hotel
(they've clearly avoided paint pots
with horrid chemicals)...

I swear this isn't a sponsored advertisement :) 
It stems from a genuine respect for people
who have put their love into every detail
& saved something
with so much cultural-historical value,
let alone beauty. 
Hopefully we'll get to return 
many more times. 

Tällaisen kuvasatsin päätteeksi iski laiskuus 
kirjoittaa samat litanjat suomeksi,
Sanojanne luen siitä huolimatta aina yhtä mielelläni
ihan millä tahansa kielellä :) 


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